Culinary Arts

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The Culinary Arts Program at Esther’s Aid is a 16 month educational program which includes a three month internship in Kigali’s finest hotels. Most of our 150-200 graduates succeed in finding gainful employment in the catering industry. In fact, they are often recruited by Kigali’s finest hotels!  That is because Esther's Aid is well known as a reliable and respected source of quality employees!  Kenneth Shore, General Manager of the Kigali Marriott, attended our February (2016) Graduation.  He had these words for our graduates:  “I started as a dishwasher but…I never lost hope. I am now a Hotel Manager.” 


Esther’s Aid Heavenly Bakery

Esther's Aid Heavenly Bakery was established in December 2007 to enhance the experience and training that our graduates receive at Esther's Aid Culinary and Catering School.  For the first few years, the modest income generated from the sale of our bakery products paid our utility bill and continues to do so!  

Recently in April 2016, we were proud to announce the opening of a retail site for our Heavenly Bakery in Kigali. We carry a variety of breads, muffins, samosas, chapattis, cookies, cupcakes and even pizzas! Our primary school children enjoy a steady supply of bread and snacks. The income from the sales of our bakery products is invested back into Esther's Aid to maintain and grow the Culinary Arts Program.







Esther’s Aid is a Faith-based 501(c)3 Charity devoted to educating and training impoverished youth, young adults and women. Our programs include Culinary Arts, Catering & Hospitality, Business Management, Computer Skills & Entrepreneurship, Sewing, Fashion & Home Accessories. read more




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