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Class of 2015!



We had our 2015 graduation ceremony this past February! 86 students graduated from our Culinary Art and Home Accessory Skills Training Program. We had approximately 600 guests from all walks of life attend including dignitaries such as Senator Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryayo, Bridge2Rwanda Country Director, Tom Allen and the Managing Director of Marriott Hotel Rwanda, Kenneth Shore.

Alumni from the past ten graduations also attended the ceremony and shared  their life changing stories. They described where they were before Esther’s Aid and where they are now due to the skills training they received from Esther’s Aid. The Alumni, from our very first graduating class ten years ago, presented a gift to our Founder, Clare “Mama Clare” Effiong! It was a group picture from their training back then! They thanked her for being there for them, when all odds were stacked against them. It was an emotional and heart warming event. The graduation ceremony was covered by major news media including The NewTimes and was aired on Rwandan National TV for two days.

Once again on behalf of the graduating class of 2015, we say thank you for your kind generosity and support. We wouldn't have been able to change so many lives and give life sustaining skills to these young men and women without your donations. They are the future of their nation. 






Esther’s Aid is a Faith-based 501(c)3 Charity devoted to educating and training impoverished youth, young adults and women. Our programs include Culinary Arts, Catering & Hospitality, Business Management, Computer Skills & Entrepreneurship, Sewing, Fashion & Home Accessories. read more




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