quotes openI am  NDAYIZEYE Theodore, 23 years old from Western province, Rusizi District.

I never knew my father; he died when I was baby. I was able to finish Secondary school with the help of some Rev. Sisters organization “nuns” which paid my school fees.
My older brother could not go to school since we had no money. I was first one in my family to graduate from high school.
When I graduated, I started a small business with some money I had saved while in school. I had rented a fishing board and hired few people to work with me. When my business failed, I came to Kigali and I was hired to wash cars.

When I heard about Esther’s Aid, I decided to come and register in catering. I knew that it was a good skill. I could not afford to pay this training in other few schools I knew. I found Esther’s Aid school to be different. We are trained in cooking, customer care, entrepreneurship and computer usage. All for free.

Now that I am about to go for internship, I am confident because I know that my standard now allows me to be just that. I am ready to go in the hotel and prove to myself what I can do. Esther’s Aid has changed my life. After this training and for what I know now, with confidence, I can say my life and future can NEVER BE THE SAME.

I NDAYIZEYE Theodore cannot repay Esther’s Aid and its supporters, but I pray that God will give mama Clare a good old life to see hundreds and thousands of youth she has help restore hope in Rwanda.quotes closed


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Esther’s Aid is a Faith-based 501(c)3 Charity devoted to educating and training impoverished youth, young adults and women. Our programs include Culinary Arts, Catering & Hospitality, Business Management, Computer Skills & Entrepreneurship, Sewing, Fashion & Home Accessories. read more




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