quotes openMy name is NYIRAHABIMANA Albertine I am 21 years old. I was born in Southern Province, Rhuhango District.  I have only a mother. My father died in 1994 genocide.

I couldn’t finish my secondary school. I dropped out after Secondary 3 because my mother could not afford school fees and school materials. I was going to school from home because it was close to our house.

My friend who had completed her training at Esther’s Aid informed me about E.A and I left the village to come to Kigali. I am now staying with my cousin who is a tailor. We live in Gatsata which is far from Esther’s Aid school. Most of the time, I walk 2 hours to go to school. I don't take lunch because I can’t get money to buy it. But I am used to not taking lunch. Food is hard to come by, but God is keeping me.

I decided to learn catering because I think it will serve as a basic foundation for my future. I will first look for job and God’s willing I will start something of my own. I determined to make it in life and that’s why I cannot give up. My desire is that in the future, I will be the kind of woman who can support a home and not rely on husband.

I thank God for keeping me to this time. God saw me inside my village when I was crying and looking for help. I thank God for bringing me to EA. This is a proof that God has a good plan for my future. I will continue to pray for EA so that it may be able to continue to be a solution to many problems and solve them especially those we encounter while in school. The new school campus Esther’s Aid is struggling to build will help so many people like me . I also one day want to be able to give back in support of this work for the poor people. quotes closed


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