quotes openI am DUSABIMANA Eric. I am 20 years old from Gasabo district, Kigali. I lost my mother during the war and my father got sick of cancer and died also. Orphan of both parents.

When my dad died I was in Secondary 4, after the death of my dad, I stopped going to school. Life was very hard. We were 4 children at home, my brother was the one responsible for everything. My parents did not leave anything behind on which we could rely upon. My younger sister couldn’t continue school as well, she dropped out when she was in Secondary 3.  She also completed her training in culinary arts at Esther’s Aid in 2011. That’s how myself I was motivated and decided to do the same training. My sister had gotten a job almost instantly after she had completed her internship.

Since I came to Esther’s Aid, I learned new things and I became a new person. I am hoping that I will be able to apply the knowledge from Esther’s Aid and I am ready to compete for jobs on market. Life is difficult, with God’s grace and this training, I WILL GET THERE! I thank mama Clare for encouraging us to study hard and not to give up hope.

I will do my internship at Gorillas Hotel. It’s a good Hotel with a good reputation. I feel lucky because I will be able to learn new things that are at international standards. Finding food to eat was my major challenge during the time of training. I also had difficulty finding some basic school materials.

I thank Esther’s Aid for the knowledge we were given for free and most importantly the discipline we were given. I also thank the people who support Esther’s Aid to help me and others have a secure future.quotes closed


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